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Is Mouse Unlimited a travel agency?

Officially...yes. We're a member of CLIA and fully insured. However, Mouse Unlimited specializes only in Disney vacations. We can take care of everything you need for a Disney vacation, but we don't typically get into other realms of travel. And unlike traditional travel agencies, we offer expert consultation and planning services - making us more of a Travel Planner.

Why should I book with Mouse Unlimited?

In the age of on-line travel booking, and with the ability to call Disney directly, you may be thinking, "Why should I use a travel agent just to take a Disney vacation?" The answer is simple: service, convenience and expertise.

Think of your travel agent as your personal concierge - but without the cost. Planning a Disney vacation can be overwhelming. They're not just your everyday, run-of-the-mill amusement parks, cruise ships or adventures. They're Disney!

With Mouse Unlimited, we'll develop custom vacation options designed specifically for your party. When you're ready to book, you use our simple and secure web form and we'll make all those calls and place all those reservations for you - FOR NO CHARGE!

When it comes time to travel, we'll send you a completely customized and detailed itinerary. You won't find a traditional travel agency that offers this level of service - and definitely not for free!

How much does it cost to book with Mouse Unlimited?

Nothing! Many agencies will "nickel and dime" you with fees and charges and surcharges. Not Mouse Unlimited. We don't charge a single fee for our services - not for itineraries, not for phone calls, not for consulting, not for dinner reservations, not for booking - and not even for cancelling!

Mouse Unlimited, as with all travel agencies, generates its revenue in the form of commissions from the travel suppliers - in this case, Disney. The only fees you'll see from us are the ones we MUST pass along from the suppliers. Our services are 100% free! You will NEVER receive an invoice or charge from us!

Not only are there no extra costs with Mouse Unlimited, but with our vast resources and access to discounts and specials, your trip will often cost LESS than if you booked it yourself. No matter what, the price you pay through us is the same, or less, than if you book directly with Disney.

Can I transfer my existing reservation, booked elsewhere, to Mouse Unlimited?

Out of professional courtesy, we will not transfer a reservation booked through another Travel Agency. However, we may transfer a reservation booked directly through Disney, at our clients' request. Certain terms and conditions apply.

Is Mouse Unlimited licensed and insured?

Yes, to the fullest extent required. We are a member of CLIA and carry Professional Liability insurance, which we never intend to use. We never collect our clients' payment funds or hold them in our account. We are not a "Seller of Travel". All financial transactions take place directly between the supplier (Disney) and the client (you), with Mouse Unlimited as the Travel Planner.

May I use your services if I don't book a Disney vacation through Mouse Unlimited?

Unfortunately, we do not offer our travel planning services to guests who book directly through Disney or through another agency.

I'm still hesitant to do business with an internet based company. How can I be assured this will be a magical experience?

We completely understand and appreciate our clients' apprehension with doing business over the internet. While we can always refer to our credentials, such as our CLIA affiliation , we encourage you to review our "Client Testimonials." These are real comments from our actual clients, and do a far better job of talking up our services than we do!

Besides, we're not really an "internet company". We're real people who just use the internet as a tool for doing business more efficiently. We don't use a call center or outsource our services.

I have several questions and would like to speak with someone. Can I speak with someone on the phone?

We find it much more efficient to communicate through email and our automated web pages, especially with a toddler running around the "office". While people tend to be skeptical that a company can provide good customer service this way, we encourage you to review our "Client Testimonials."

Our clients are completely pleased with the level of service, responsiveness and attention to detail we provide. We will correspond with you via e-mail from the initial quote through the completion of your trip. If you aren't comfortable with these methods, we respect your choice to seek alternative travel planning services.

What services do you offer?

Mouse Unlimited offers nearly all aspects of travel planning required for a Disney vacation including hotel, transfers, packages, cruises and other reservations. We don't book airfare or rental cars, for a number of reasons.

Additionally, we make all of your dining and recreation reservations, book tours, and create custom itineraries for your travel party. You will not receive this service directly from Disney or with other wholesale and storefront agencies.

Do you book vacations for large groups?

Absolutely! Whether you're planning a Walt Disney World® Resort family reunion (requiring ten or more rooms), or a school trip (requiring MANY rooms), we can help. Disney Cruise Line and Adventures by Disney vacations are also great for large groups.

How long does it take to get a quote?

At Mouse Unlimited we strive to get your quote back to you as soon as possible. In some cases this could be less than an hour. In others it could be 48 hours or longer. There are many factors in the time it takes us to provide you with a quote, including the number of requests we received that day; how busy Disney's reservations departments are; and how complex your needs may be.

We spend an appropriate amount of time on each request, and address them in order received to ensure we are getting our clients what they ask for, at the best possible price.

What should I do if it's been more than 48 hours since I requested a quote?

First, check your Spam/Junk Mail folder in your e-mail account. Occasionally, our e-mails will end up there.

If you are positive you haven't received a response from us, please send us an e-mail.

Why do you require the names and ages of my family members when I only want a quote?

In order to assemble an accurate quote for a Disney vacation, we must have the ages of each and every member of your travel party. This is because the pricing for all Disney vacation components is age-dependent. For legal reasons, it's critical that we receive complete and correct information from you.

We request names as well so that the booking process is simplified, should you decide to book. If you accept a quote, we will use the information you originally provided to book your vacation. Without names, we cannot complete the booking in Disney's system, and any delay could result in your offer expiring.

Please know that the information you provide through our website is encrypted and will NEVER be sold, distributed or used for any other purpose than to book a Disney vacation.

Does Mouse Unlimited book airfare?

Due to the fact that airlines no longer work directly with Travel Agents or offer commissions, and because they routinely offer lower prices on their public websites than they do to Travel Agents, we do not book or arrange air transportation for our clients. If you book your own air, we will get the information from you and coordinate it with the rest of your vacation. We apologize for this inconvenience, but trust us...this is in your best interest.

What are Mouse Unlimited's Deposit, Change and Cancellation policies?

Our policies are the same as Disney's when it comes to making changes, applying payments and cancelling a reservation. Click HERE to review the policies for each Disney vacation destination.

Do you offer AAA, military or senior citizen discounts?

Mouse Unlimited does not price or book AAA discounted rooms or packages, nor do we sell AAA discounted tickets. Please note that you'll receive more value from our expertise and services than you'll save using a AAA our opinion.

Mouse Unlimited can price any other discount (Military, Annual Passholder, Florida Resident) offered by the Walt Disney Company to the general public. Many promotions for military personnel are only offered directly through the Shades of Green Resort or Special Services Offices located on your base and cannot be booked through Mouse Unlimited.

Other promotions often have restrictions and require proof of eligibility. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure they meet the eligibility requirements of any special, discount or promotion.

Do you make Dining Reservations?

Yes, Mouse Unlimited will make Advance Dining Reservations for our clients who visit the Walt Disney World® Resort. Once booked, an agent will work with you to determine the best dining experiences for your travel party, and then make the reservations for you. Please note that, due to the popularity of Walt Disney World® table service restaurants, we can not guarantee that we'll get all of the reservations you want. There are a number of dining experiences that book solid at exactly 180 days out. We'll try our best though!

Do you handle MyMagic+ experiences?

Mouse Unlimited is well-versed in MyMagic+. Once a Walt Disney World® Resort vacation is booked, we will guide you through the rest of the process. We allow our clients to book their own FastPass+ reservations, once they setup their own My Disney Experience account.

What if a new discount becomes available after I book?

Mouse Unlimited continually checks new discounts against all of our pending and completed reservations. If a new discount applies to your vacation, we'll update it automatically.

If you receive an E-Mail or Postcard with a specific discount (commonly in the form of a PIN Code), you will need to let us know, because Disney does not copy us on those offers, and we have no way of knowing unless you forward your PIN offer to us. We request that you scan and e-mail a PIN postcard to us, and simply forward PIN e-mails to your agent.

Keep in mind that some offers are allocated only to certain blocks of rooms. Taking advantage of a certain offer may require us to cancel your current reservation and make a new one. If this is the case, we will consult you first before making any changes.

While we can't guarantee we'll be able to get you a lower price, we promise to try our hardest!

Will I have access to my actual Disney reservation number?

Absolutely! We use Disney's reservation numbers when referencing your vacation. It will be listed on all of the Confirmations you receive from us. If you choose to book your own Dining Reservations, you'll be able to take advantage of the 180+10 benefit by linking to your reservation. You will also be able to link all of your reservations in your own My Disney Experience account.

I found a better rate for a specific Disney product than Mouse Unlimited quoted. Can you match it?

Perhaps. There are discount codes and special offers posted all over the web and sent out on postcards or through e-mail. It is impossible for anyone to track them all. With that said, if you have access to a discount code or special offer that we don't know about, tell us about it. If you qualify for that discount, we'll get it for you. The only exception is with AAA - as we do not book using AAA discounts. Again, keep in mind that you'll receive more value from our expertise and services than you'll save using a AAA our opinion.

Why doesn't my bank/credit card statement list Mouse Unlimited as the merchant?

Mouse Unlimited does not process the actual payments for your travel. We gather your information securely and book your travel through Disney booking interfaces using your credit card. Your charges will come directly from Disney. Your money will never be in our possession - ever.

What happens if Mouse Unlimited goes out of business or is the victim of a natural disaster? Will I lose my reservation?

Not at all. We don't charge your credit card, and since Mouse Unlimited never possesses your money, you are at no risk if something tragic were to happen to us or our company. When making your reservations, you provide us with your credit card information for booking. We then provide that information to Disney, who then charges your card. You are guaranteed that every payment you make towards your vacation is applied directly to your reservation.

If something were to happen to us or our company, our active reservations will be automatically transferred back to Disney. Nothing will change for you, except who you contact.

I'm concerned with identity theft. How safe is my personal and Credit Card information?

We don't collect any personal information that isn't already public record. However, we still treat it with respect and guard it carefully.

Your personal information will never be sold or distributed by us, except when we submit it to Disney during the booking process. What Disney does with it is out of our control - but will likely result in you receiving fun mailers and perhaps even one of their infamous PIN codes.

As for your Credit Card information, it's even safer than your personal information, as it should be. When on any page of our site, look for the little green padlock in your browser's address bar, indicating that you're on a secure connection. This means that a connection has been made between your computer and our web server using 256-bit encryption. Once you click Submit, the data is then transmitted to our secure server, where it can only be accessed using two-factor authentication. When we're done, it's deleted permanently.

Furthermore, if your payment requires the use of the 3-digit "CVV" code on the back of the card, we will NEVER collect it at the same time as your card information. You will need to transmit that code to us separately, but this is only required when purchasing standalone theme park or party tickets.

In summary, there's a greater risk of you losing your Credit Card while on vacation than there is from someone swiping it between your computer and ours.