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Hi'ya Pal! Welcome to Mouse Unlimited!

Mouse Unlimited is a family-owned independent travel agency, specializing in Disney vacations.

Our clients receive dedicated support throughout the planning and booking process, utilizing electronic communication for a streamlined experience.

As you will read below, we offer absolutely FREE services, expert guidance, unparalleled customer support, a wealth of Disney travel resources, and unsurpassed magic!

Why Mouse Unlimited?

A trip to a Disney destination is like NO other. While an incredible experience, you can't just wake up one morning and decide you're going to the Walt Disney World® Resort. It's magical, but it isn't always that easy. You have to plan, plan, plan, and that's where we come in.

With 47 square miles of property to cover, planning a vacation to the Walt Disney World® Resort can be overwhelming. You have to buy hotel accommodations...arrange transportation...make dining reservations...make Fastpass+ reservations...plan your daily itineraries...and that's if you know what you want to do already!

If you've never visited a Disney destination, you might wonder where to start. If you have, but it was several years ago, a LOT has changed. Unless you consider yourself a Disney expert, don't go at this alone. Trust us - we really are experts!

Read below, and find out why Mouse Unlimited plans the most magical vacations, and why you get the most for your money when booking with us. Speaking of money, you'll be happy to know that booking with us won't cost you a penny more than booking with Disney directly - but you receive far more personal service!

Also, check out our clients' Testimonials, and see what they're saying!

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