Trip Report November 2016 – Day 4

Trip Report November 2016 – Day 4

hollywood studios christmas

Day 4 started out with a morning in Hollywood Studios.  Fearing a re-imagineering of the Great Movie Ride, it was a high priority for this trip.  “Lasts” have become a common theme for our recent trips, but thankfully “firsts” have started to fill in some of those gaps.

sunset boulevard christmas

We also saw Voyage of the Little Mermaid and ate lunch at Backlot Express.  Voyage of the Little Mermaid was not as fun for our 2 year old as I thought it would be thanks to the mist during the show.  I can’t blame him, I don’t enjoy being soaked in a theater unless it’s 90 degrees outside.

Rizzo's balcony outside

Rizzo’s soft opened during our trip

It was a low key morning because nap was important that day.  We had an appointment for Kids Nite Out to come to our room at 5:30.  Our sitter Nadia arrived shortly before 5:30 and we completed some basic paperwork and filled her in on information about our kid.  Then Date Nite started!

hollywood studios christmas

Absolutely beautiful sight entering Hollywood Studios

Our original plan was to spend all evening in the Magic Kingdom, but at the last minute we decided to use a Fastpass for Tower of Terror.

tower of terror queue fountain

My favorite part of the Tower of Terror queue

We used the Fastpass we had booked earlier and were able to book another immediately after.

tower of terror decor

We had a pretzel and watched the streams of guests entering Fantasmic.  When our second Fastpass came due, we used it and then rode one more time in standby.  It’s our favorite!

tower of terror lobby

Between our three rides, one time the line was completely empty

We arrived to the Magic Kingdom about 20 minutes before our dinner reservation at Tony’s Town Square.  Not wanting to walk around aimlessly, we decided to check-in early.

tony's sign

We were seated10 minutes later and finished our meal in 35 minutes.  That may sound fast for Date Nite, but it suited us just fine.  Tony’s was good enough, the food was better than I expected but not something we’ll return for soon.

tony's chicken parmesan

Tony’s Chicken Parmesan

After dinner we rode the Tomorrowland Transit Authority during Wishes.  We walked around the park for a while, then saw the new Once Upon a Time castle show.

backside of cinderella castle

We decided to jump in the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train line just before park closing, which worked great.  The line moves very quickly after the park closes and we were in and out of the ride in only 20 minutes!

cinderella castle dreamlights christmas

We slowly made out way out of the park, enjoying the Dreamlights on Cinderella Castle and Christmas atmosphere of Main Street.

cinderella castle dreamlights christmas dreamlights from main street magic kingdom christmas tree

When we arrived back at the Boardwalk around 11:30 the place was buzzing with Holiday Services.  The Boardwalk was being magically transformed into a Christmas jewel!

holiday services decorating boardwalk christmas

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