Boardwalk Inn Garden Club Room Review

Boardwalk Inn Garden Club Room Review

boardwalk garden room 1201

In November 2016 we spent a week in a Garden Room at Club Level at the Boardwalk Inn.  There are 14 Garden Rooms (occasionally referred to as suites) at the Boardwalk.  These rooms are located on the ground level outside of the Innkeepers Club area.

boardwalk garden room 1201

Garden Room 1

The Garden Rooms are two storied, with living areas and a half bath on the ground floor and a bed and full bath on the second floor.

upstairs of garden room


I’ll go over some facts about the room, my opinions about staying here, and some information about the Innkeepers Club.

couch in garden room

The door to Garden Rooms 1-4 and 8-15 open to a living area.  There is a couch, coffee table, sofa table, flat screen TV, writing desk, and golf umbrella.  Off to one side there is a kitchenette area with a microwave, coffee maker, mini fridge and sink.

boardwalk garden room

Closet to the right, half bath to the left

The half bath downstairs contains a toilet and sink.  The half bath is spacious and easily fit a pack n play with room to spare.

garden room half bath

Downstairs half bath

There is also a small closet with iron, ironing board, luggage stand, and an extra pillow.

garden room closet

Downstairs closet

The stairs lead up to the sleeping area.  This is open to the ground floor living area.  There is a King bed, one nightstand (featuring USB charging), chair, a chest of dressers, and flat screen TV.

king bed garden room

King bed

The upstairs closet includes an in-wall safe.  The safe is roomy and we fit two laptops in slim cases inside.

garden room closet and safe

Upstairs closet with safe

The vanity with double sinks is open to the rest of the room.

garden room vanity

Upstairs double vanity

There is a deep tub next to the vanities, also open to the room with a clear glass window.

garden room tub

Garden Tub

Behind a door with a full length mirror is the toilet and shower.  Hairdryer and makeup mirror are available in the upstairs bathroom.

garden room bathroom

Upstairs bathroom

There are windows looking out the second story.

garden room windows

There are mechanized blinds for these windows, which you control from a switch at the bottom of the stairs.  The sun rises opposite most of the Garden Rooms and it can get very warm if you have the blinds open in the morning.

boardwalk garden room gate

Garden Room 1 gate, no latch

The front of the ground level is a wall of windows.  These have permanent sheers attached to them.  There are also a set of sheers and heavy curtains that pull over the entire wall when you need to block out the sun.  Both these curtains must be pulled partially open to access the door.

boardwalk garden rooms

Garden Rooms 2-4

The maximum occupancy for these rooms is 2 people plus 1 child under age 3.  These rooms used to have a larger maximum occupancy which was accommodated with a pull out sofa.  I’ve heard that these pull-out sofas were removed when the occupancy was changed, but our sofa still had a pull-out bed.  It was a comfortable bed and could easily sleep 1 adult or 2 children.

boardwalk garden room sofa bed

We stayed here with a 2 year old, and would gladly stay here again once if the occupancy of these rooms was higher.

pack n play in bathroom

Hotel provided Pack n Play in downstairs half bath

These rooms are sometimes called honeymoon suites, but having such a low occupancy for a large room shuts out small families who would also enjoy them.  A big downside to families in these rooms, and perhaps why they changed the occupancy, is that there is little to no privacy to the upstairs bathroom from the downstairs.

boardwalk garden room

Bathroom vanity and tub window visible from downstairs

boardwalk garden club room

Additionally, the half bath downstairs means any children would need to bathe upstairs.

garden room half bath

Downstairs half bath

One minor complaint I have with this room is the slick stairs.  The glossy finish on the stairs makes them slippery, so I wouldn’t go down them in socks and always held on to the handrail.

garden room stairs

One major complaint I have with the room is the outlets and lack of nightstand.  There is one nightstand with a lamp, phone, and charging station with sockets and USB.  The other side of the bed has nothing.  Thankfully there were a few unused outlets behind the TV, so I stretched an extension cord from there for my phone charger.  My suitcase was an inelegant solution to the lack of nightstand.  There seems to be space for a small nightstand, so the absence of one was a big disappointment.

garden room dresser

TV stand and dresser

We stayed in Garden Room 1, which is unique in that it has access to a walkway to the side of the patio.  That was very handy and shortened our walks.  The other rooms have dividers between their patios that allow access only through the garden gate.

club level turndown

Turndown with Ghirardelli chocolate

Garden Rooms 1-4 have large rectangular gardens.  Garden Room 8 has a short but wide garden.  Garden Rooms 9-12 have a short garden that is the same width as the room.

garden rooms 8 through 12

Garden Rooms 8-12 have short, room width gardens

Garden Rooms 14-15 face south and share a garden gate.  The gates on the gardens have no locks.

garden rooms 14 and 15

Garden Rooms 14 & 15 share a garden

Garden Rooms 5-7 are unique.  These rooms do not have a garden or gate, just a small patio outside their door.  These rooms are turned 90 degrees to the other Garden Rooms.  When you walk in the door, you’re entering at the end of a galley layout.  You first encounter the living area, then the wet bar.  The half bath and staircase are at the far end after you enter.  Once upstairs, the closet and bathroom are near the stairs.  The bed and TV are located closest to the exterior wall.  These rooms do not have the second story open to the first, instead they feature private outdoor verandahs from the second story bedroom.  Due to the lack of this open air space, Garden Rooms 5-7 are slightly larger than the other Garden Rooms.

garden rooms 5 though 7 balcony

Garden Rooms 5-7 have a second floor balcony/verandah in place of a gated garden

The Innkeepers Club is located on the 4th floor, nearly directly above Garden Rooms 5-7.  You have two options to reach the Club from the Garden Rooms.  One is to enter the building from the lobby access, either the grand stairs to the 2nd floor or the ground floor entrance underneath them.  You take the bank elevators immediately inside these doors up to the 4th floor, turn right out of the elevators, then right down the hallway.  Then you’ll come to an end of the hallway, turn right again and come to the keyed Club entrance and Club desk.  This walk using the elevators took us about 5 minutes from Garden Room 1.

garden room kitchenette

garden room kitchenette amenities

Two corkscrews, can opener, and extra kitchen towel in the kitchenette

A second option is to use the stairwell, which is very utilitarian.  There is an ice machine in an alcove just past Garden Room 1.  In this alcove is a door with a keyed entrance.  Scan your Magic Band to open the door, then take the stairs up to the 4th floor.  The stairs empty out immediately before the keyed Club entrance.  Using the stairwell from Garden Room 1 took us about 2 minutes.

downstairs of garden room

Once you enter through the keyed Club door you have a short walk through more hallway before reaching the Club Lounge.  Since we were some distance from the Club we often sent one person up and requested a tray to bring our plates and drinks back to the room.  We’ll have a separate review of the Innkeepers Club, which we’ll link here after it’s posted.

H20 products in garden room

Grapefruit Bergamot H20+ products, plus mouthwash and toothbrushes

I should also touch on price, since that may be a deciding factor for many people interested in this room.  In 2017, room rates start at $782 before tax for the lowest season and go up from there.  The closest comparison I would give for these rooms is a 1-Bedroom Villa.  A 1-Bedroom Villa for a cash booking at the Boardwalk costs less than this Garden Club Room.  If you add a premium for Club Level, the cost is comparable but the experience is not.  For a room that sleeps just 2 adults and has a semi-private garden, the price is high.  We stayed on a discount and that would be an important factor for us to stay here in the future.

garden room downstairs

We enjoyed our stay in the Boardwalk Garden Rooms and would gladly do so again.  The layout of the room worked well for us overall, with some squabbles over the outlets and nightstand upstairs.  We loved the garden outside our door which made the room feel unique.  I would consider requesting Garden Room 5-7 in the future for that second story verandah, but I might miss that open air feel that make the Garden Rooms feel so spacious.

garden room blind switch

Switch for mechanical blinds on 2nd story garden windows

The distance to the Innkeepers Club was not an issue for us; we easily found ways to work the short walk around our schedule as we were coming and going.

garden room shower

Upstairs shower

We hope this review of the Boardwalk Garden Rooms at Club Level gave you useful information if you’re considering staying here on your next Walt Disney World vacation!  Submit a Quote Request anytime on our website if you’d like assistance planning your next magical vacation!


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