Trip Report January 2016 – Day 4

Trip Report January 2016 – Day 4

Day 4 of our January 2016 trip started in Animal Kingdom.  We had an easy drive of less than 15 minutes and were in one of the first few rows of parking.  It took about 20 minutes from parking to entering the Kilimanjaro Safari Fastpass line.  We had an excellent crisp early morning safari with lots of animal sightings.


They stood so still they looked fake peeking above the bushes


Snoozing hippos

Up next I rode Expedition Everest by myself with a Fastpass and then again as a single rider.  Since I’m the only one who rides this in our group and it has a single rider line, the Fastpass was not necessary.  Next we child swapped Dinosaur with Fastpasses.

While I was taking my turn with the baby I let him play on a bench.  Benches have been a clean way to let him stretch his legs without getting filthy on the ground since he can’t walk yet.  While we were doing this, a bird came out of the bushes and ate two lizards right in front of me.  At first it was cool, then it was gross.


We had lunch at Yak & Yeti.  I was very happy with my chicken skewers meal, although the texture of the rice was not good for fried rice.  We had to order dessert with our entrees, which I did not prefer, especially since one person had to change their dessert order after eating their meal.


Chicken skewers at Yak & Yeti


Yak & Yeti

After lunch we were back to the Grand Floridian for afternoon nap time.

The first thing we did upon arriving to the Magic Kingdom at 6:20 was book a new Fastpass.  With only 1.5 hours left of park hours, our options were limited but we booked Pirates of the Caribbean for 6:55-7:55.  There are no Fastpass kiosks at the front of the park, and since we were in Tomorrowland anyway to book the Fastpass we jumped on the TTA for a relaxing night ride.

While on the TTA I noted that the restaurants we would eat at were all closing in advance of the park closing.  In a time crunch, we headed to Columbia Harbor House to squeeze in dinner.


After dinner and with only 20 minutes left in park operating hours, we hustled to Jungle Cruise.  We were temporarily stopped in Frontierland while we waited for the Main Street Electrical Parade o pass.


Main Street Electrical Parade

We sailed through the rivers of the world in time to get in Pirates’ line 3 minutes before park closing.

IMG_20160126_200516199 IMG_20160126_200742385

As we exited Pirates, Wishes was still playing and we watched the last of the fireworks above the buildings of Adventureland.


Wishes from Adventureland

We left the park at 8:35.  Main Street was a steady stream of bodies as everyone exited the park.   One happy report is that they are finally funneling TTC guests to the Express Monorail.  This leaves the Resort Monorail with a manageable line that actual resort guests can use.  I hope they continue to encourage parking lot guests to use Express and the ferry.


The line for the boat looked deceptively short so we passed by the monorail.  Only after we found the end did we realize the line stretched along the water and the monorail would have been faster.  We witnessed a few people return along the walkway that runs west, undoubtedly upset they walked all that distance on a dead end sidewalk.  35 minutes after leaving the park we were on a boat to the Grand Floridian and coincidentally viewed the Electrical Water Pageant from the marina.


Electrical Water Pageant from Grand Floridian marina

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