Merry and Bright Dessert Party for Osborne Lights

Merry and Bright Dessert Party for Osborne Lights

2015 marks the last year the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights illuminates Hollywood Studios. When the Merry and Bright Dessert Party was announced, we knew this would be a convenient and leisurely way to enjoy the Osborne Lights. This is my review of the Merry and Bright Dessert Party with photos and comments.


View from our table mid-way back, right side

The Merry and Bright Dessert Party runs from 7 pm to 8:30 pm, and you can check-in as early as 6 pm. (Party times are 8:30-10:00 December 25-30.) Check in early if you want more selection of seats.


View from similar area on the left side

The dessert party takes place at the end of Streets of America near Lights, Motors, Action Stunt Show entrance. Tables for 4 encircle the Peace on Earth globe with angels overhead.


Tables surround this structure at the end of Streets of America

We arrived at 6:45 and sat about halfway back. Although some views are blocked by the support structure for the globe, there are many lights surrounding the area and also a partial view down the New York street.


What I consider the “worst” view of the party tables

Each guest (excluding children under 3) receives a sticker upon check-in. This sticker is required for admittance to the area. You may exit and re-enter the area during the party hours. You exchange a ticket for your included blanket. These fleece blankets come in red and blue.


One blanket per person included in the cost of the dessert party

The Velcro secured cover and handle is integrated into the blanket. The blanket itself has no design or pattern, only the cover.


Blanket with example of the plastic chair type used

There are two identical dessert areas with drinks in the middle. The pie station has giant caramel apple pie and peach pie topped with pecan sugar crumbs. A Cast Member distributes vanilla ice cream if you’d like them a la mode.

DSC00362 DSC00370-7

The dessert station has several items themed to Christmas things. Items here include lemon curd cups with raspberry glaze, dipped rice crispy balls, chocolate wreath with hazelnut truffle, dipped eclairs, white chocolate peppermint mousse, and coconut cake.

DSC00364-2 DSC00372-9 DSC00373-10 DSC00374-11 DSC00375-12

We did not take seconds of many desserts. I feel we’ve had better desserts at other dessert parties in the past. We chose to do the dessert party so we had a place to relax and sit with our 1 year old. If your primary reason for doing the dessert party is the desserts, I would recommend skipping it.


The drink station had chilled small bottles of water and cans of Coke, Diet Coke, and Sprite. There were also dispensers of two themed drinks. The POG juice (Passion Fruit, Orange, Guava) was good. The apple cider tasted like apple juice with some Christmas spices steeped in.  The sign says it’s supper to be hot apple cider, but I see ice in the containers.

DSC00366-4 DSC00367-5

There is also a station for alcoholic beverages. I cannot attest to the taste or quality as we did not imbibe.


The Merry and Bright Dessert Party was a nice way to relax and enjoy the Osborne Lights before they glow away. Go to enjoy the ambiance of Streets of America from the comfort of a table and chairs, not for the food.


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