Tips for a Walt Disney World Babymoon

Tips for a Walt Disney World Babymoon

You have assembled the crib and stocked your dresser full of cute clothes. Now one thing is missing – a babymoon to Walt Disney World! Or maybe you’re expecting your second or third child and want to take your young kids before you add another baby to the bunch? Traveling to Walt Disney World while pregnant can be a fun vacation filled with lots of unique memories.

 1st Trimester – Traveling during your first trimester presents more difficulties than you first expect. If you have any morning sickness, your day may revolve around food – what to eat and what not to eat. If your tastes change by the hour, you may not be able to commit to dining reservations. The Quick Service Dining Plan or no dining plan may be the best option for you.

Plain crackers? Nilla wafers? You don’t want to be without that magic item that keeps your stomach settled. If it’s a necessity at home, pack it or consider a grocery delivery.

You may also be unusually tired, so afternoon naps and early evenings may be the best activity you plan.

The baby needs you to eat a Nutella Waffle Sandwich

The baby needs you to eat a Nutella Waffle Sandwich

2nd Trimester – This is usually considered the “best” trimester to travel, many women leave morning sickness behind, have more energy, but are not slowed down by large bellies. If you have your pick of time to travel, this is a good window.

3rd Trimester – Traveling during your third trimester can still be fun. You may be a bit slower, so plan accordingly. Aching muscles and joints need extra care, so long breaks are good. If you don’t go back to your hotel for the afternoon, spend some time in shows to rest your feet.

Airlines have restrictions on how far along an expectant mother can fly. It’s advisable not to travel for leisure within weeks of your due date. Speak with your doctor for their recommendation on leaving home in the third trimester.

Here are some other tips for traveling to Walt Disney World during your pregnancy that apply to all stages.

Beds – Having extra space in bed or your own bed can make your vacation extra sweet. You may not be sleeping well, waking up frequently, or simply need more space due to your expanding belly. Stay in a moderate or deluxe hotel. Moderate hotels have 2 queen beds, or 1 king bed as a separate booking category. Deluxe hotels have varying bedding arrangements, which are a combination of queens or a king.

Shoes – A supportive, well-fitting shoe can make or break your time in the parks. I like Keens, which are supportive like a tennis shoe but open like a sandal. They can get wet and will dry as you walk around. Be sure to test any shoe you pack for an extended wear time at home. Your feet will swell from walking and flying or driving.

Water – You may be sick of hearing this, but stay hydrated! This is important for any stage of pregnancy, and especially so if traveling in hot summer months. I recommend carrying your own refillable water bottle, like this one. If you’re in need of a restroom and can’t find one, the My Disney Experience app lists nearby restrooms or you can ask a Cast Member.

Pool – The pool can be a great friend to the pregnant traveler. Buy a maternity swimsuit or pack your existing suits if they fit. Floating in the water in the afternoon or at the end of the day can help ease aches built up from walking.

Walt Disney World Railroad - Expectant Mother Approved!

Walt Disney World Railroad – Expectant Mother Approved!

Rides – “What attractions can I ride?” may be the first question you have. Thankfully the answer is, “Most!” Here are the rides Walt Disney World advises expectant mothers not to ride –

Magic Kingdom
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
Splash Mountain
Big Thunder Mountain
Space Mountain
Goofy’s Barnstormer
Tomorrowland Speedway

Test Track
Mission Space

Hollywood Studios
Tower of Terror
Rock N Rollercoaster
Star Tours

Animal Kingdom
Expedition Everest
Kilimanjaro Safaris
Kali River Rapids
Primeval Whirl

Each ride has accessibility and health advisories posted, so if you’re not sure you can check the sign or ask a Cast Member.

Fun – Take lots of photos, this time is fleeting! Some silhouette artists may cut your profile from the waist up. I’ve seen samples of this and they would make a wonderful memento. Ask the artist on duty if a pregnancy silhouette is something they can do.  From my inquiries, Jim is a good artist for pregnancy silhouettes.  In the Magic Kingdom, there is a silhouette stand on Main Street and in Liberty Square.  You can ask one of the artists when he’s next scheduled if he’s not there when you stop by.

Take photos you can recreate on baby’s First Visit

Buy a cute Disney outfit or special toy.

Baby section in Emporium in Magic Kingdom, Jan 2016

Baby section in Emporium in Magic Kingdom, Jan 2016

Infant socks in Emporium in Magic Kingdom, Jan 2016

Infant socks in Emporium in Magic Kingdom, Jan 2016

Year specific merchandise is common for infant onesies. I have not seen newborn size, but have seen 3-6 months and up.20150714-4-1

2016 onesie for sale in Emporium Jan 2016 in size 6m, 12m, 18m, 24m

Always check with your doctor before traveling or flying to ensure your health and the health of your baby are protected.

Visiting Walt Disney World while expecting can be a fun babymoon and we hope these tips help you prepare for yours. If you’d like assistance planning your own pre-baby getaway, we’d be delighted to help! Request a quote on our site anytime!

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