Disney to Buy Lucasfilm

Disney to Buy Lucasfilm

The internet is probably going to crash shortly. Twitter is glowing. Facebook shares and posts are off the charts. And most of all, Disney fan sites are becoming saturated with forum posts.

Yes, that’s right, The Walt Disney Company us buying Lucasfilm and all of its properties, including Industrial Light and Magic and Skywalker Sound.  Of course, this also means Disney now owns full rights to, arguably, the most popular movie franchise in all of history: Star Wars.  And don’t forget about the Indiana Jones series!

Disney issues a press release on their corporate site this afternoon, which can be read here.

In addition to the unlimited possibilities for expanding these properties in the theme parks, Disney has already announced that they’ll be producing Star Wars 7 for a 2015 release.

No word can describe this move other than “EPIC”.  Universal Studios thought they struck gold when they partnered with J.K. Rowling to bring Harry Potter to their parks.  It seems as if Disney has called their bluff and trumped them (yeah, we just mixed terminology from two types of card games, so what?).  Nothing beats Star Wars – period. Love it, hate it, or ambivalent, this is going to add tremendously to the Disney brand, theme parks and on-screen presence.

More to come as more is revealed!

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