Discount, Park Hours and Refurb Updates

Discount, Park Hours and Refurb Updates

The main site has been updated to reflect all of the new Walt Disney World discount offers, theme park hours and refurbishments.

WDW is currently offering two room discounts for fall and winter dates, and a mysterious “Play, Stay and Dine” vacation offer.  There are no real details, and Disney’s only marketing literature says that you can save “up to $600” on a vacation. Mouse Unlimited will run it against every vacation that falls in the qualifying dates to see if we can save you some money!

Theme Park hours have been released through May of 2013 for Walt Disney World.  Those are now available to download in our handy calendar format from our Park Hours page.

Disney has updated a few durations for refurbishments at Walt Disney World, and added a few new ones.  Test Track now has an official re-opening date of December 7.  Splash Mountain will be going down for an unheard of 3-month refurb in January.  And Epcot’s Character Spot will be completely remodeled starting in a few days, re-opening in February.

Check back often for updates.

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