Mouse Unlimited – Version 2.0

Mouse Unlimited – Version 2.0

As you may have noticed, Mouse Unlimited recently underwent a re-branding, or re-imaging (whatever you want to call it).

We applied it to the main website, the blog, and the forums.  It will also replace the old header at the top of all of our quotes, confirmations and letters.

We came up with a new logo (the circle with the MU in it) and found a more fanciful font to use for our company name (we’re not telling what it is – you’ll have to guess).  We even sprinkled in some “magical” stars to tie it all together.

This was done for two reasons:

First, because we felt the old look was a little too….formal.  We sell Disney – not Washington, D.C.!  So, instead of the plain ‘ol san-serif font in a straight line, we gussied it up a bit with an oblique and cartoon-y font (not Comic Sans!) and tilted the letters back and forth a bit. How’s that for creativity?

The second reason was because Disney is cracking down on copyright infringement (there are a lot of websites – even other Disney travel agencies – who don’t quite adhere to the rules), and their legal department decided that our old logo was a teeny tiny bit too similar to their famous mouse ears.  They asked us very nicely to change it – but the rest of our site is highly admired by other agencies and even some within the Disney organization (or so we’ve been told).  So, rather than suit up our arsenal of lawyers and battle it out, we just scrapped the logo and made a new one.  +1 for Disney.

We hope you fully enjoy and find deep meaning and symbolism in our new image, because that’s why companies spend millions of dollars on “re-branding”, right?  We saved a few million bucks and instead spent about an hour in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

We’re still the same Mouse Unlimited, and still offer unbeatable customer service using the exact same tactics as before. But now, we have a circle and tilting letters!

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