Is Cars Land Coming to Florida?

Is Cars Land Coming to Florida?

A reliable source, with ties to Walt Disney Imagineering and other major theme park design groups in central Florida, has hinted that Disney will be bringing the well-received Cars Land from the Disneyland Resort to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

This would not be surprising, since a major figurehead at Walt Disney Imagineering has recently relocated to central Florida.

There’s no doubt that something is coming to the Studios in the near future – likely even before Avatar arrives in Animal Kingdom (if ever) – but will it really be Cars Land?  And if so, will it just be Radiator Springs Racers, or the entire land? We hope they bring the whole shebang out east – the Studios deserves something major. And based on the response from the west coast guests, Cars Land is a showstopper.

There’s also no doubt the next new thing in the Studios will replace Lights, Motors, Action Stunt Show – which rarely plays to a full house – and probably even all or most of the Backlot Tour, which has been a sub-par attraction since they tore down all of the actual backlot components years ago.

We at Mouse Unlimited are extremely excited to hear that Disney is finally going to give some love and attention to our beloved Studios, which has been ignored for many years.  And if they actually bring Avatar to Animal Kingdom, the two “baby” parks will definitely get serious booster shots that they so desperately need!

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