Our May 2012 WDW Vacation

Our May 2012 WDW Vacation

We’re a bit tardy in posting this, since we’re already in Walt Disney World, but we thought we’d explain our absence and poor Tweeting skills.

We’re in Orlando for a business conference unrelated to Disney or Mouse Unlimited. However, it just so happens that the conference center is about 5 minutes off WDW property.  Thus, our first three nights have us sleeping at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. On Wednesday, we’ll migrate over to Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort – where we will finish the trip and celebrate our anniversary.

We flew down on Sunday, and after checking in, we headed to the Dolphin to get our rental car and head to Universal Studios Orlando and Islands of Adventure.  We’re in the process of becoming certified Universal Travel Agents, which required us to visit the parks. More on that experience later.

Sunday night we took advantage of Extra Magic Hours at the Magic Kingdom until about midnight.  We ran into Tom’s brother and his wife at Peter Pan and rode that together.

Our Twitter followers will notice that our Tweets are pretty lame, and far between.  We haven’t had much breathing time since we arrived, and the rest of the time Tom’s phone has been dead or close to dead (Motorola Droids don’t hold their charge well, apparently).

We’ll be in conference sessions all day Tuesday, but may visit a park Tuesday night. Wednesday is more conference fun, with hotel changes and rental car returns strewn about. That night we’ll hit a park.

Then on Thursday and Friday, it’s ALL Disney for us.  We were selected to participate in the new X-Pass trial (advanced Fastpass Reservation system). We’ll report on that after the trip too.

Meanwhile, we ask our clients to bear with us, as internet service is spotty at the hotel (but hey, it’s finally FREE at WDW, if you can live with the wifi), and we have NO connectivity at the conference.

We’ll provide a full report when we return. Meanwhile, follow our minimal tweets through Wednesday, and then more the rest of the week.

See ya real soon!

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