Walt Disney World Resort Refurbishment Schedule

Walt Disney World Resort Refurbishment Schedule

We have updated our website to reflect Disney’s newest refurbishment schedule.

Visit our Refurbishment page to see what will be closed during your vacation. Disney is always updating rides and shows, improving resort amenities and providing general maintenance to things around their 47 square miles of property.

There’s never a time to visit Walt Disney World when something isn’t closed. To lessen the disappointment, it’s best to know way ahead of time. Mouse Unlimited stays up to date on what will be closed, and when.

For example, the biggest bummer for Epcot fans is that Test Track is closed and won’t re-open until this fall. However, when it re-opens, it’s going to be brand new, and extremely interactive We’re very excited.

Magic Kingdom guests will find Big Thunder Mountain Railroad to be closed through the end of May. They’ve been giving it a much needed “spring cleaning” and massive overhaul since early January.  It’s going to be as good as new (or better) when it re-opens.

If you ever have a question regarding possible ride refurbishments and how they may affect your vacation, please don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail!

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