What is Disney’s xPass?

What is Disney’s xPass?

There’s a lot of chatter in the fan community regarding a new program called “xPass”.

According to sources, the XPass program will offer Walt Disney World guests the opportunity to pre-plan and book an entire vacation’s worth of rides on the most popular attractions.  Guests will also be able to guarantee an excellent reserved viewing spot for theme park parades and/or nighttime extravaganzas like Illuminations or Fantasmic.

There’s no timeline for when or if they’ll roll out this program. And there’s nothing official coming from Disney on this program. All we do know is that it will require a hefty payment for this privilege, and will need to be done online before taking your trip.

If nothing else, this might explain why Disney is going to start enforcing the FastPass return time, since the management of FastPass and other reservations will be very important.

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