Why Use A Travel Agent?

Why Use A Travel Agent?

In the age of online travel planning, why would you ever need a travel agent?

Why do you take your car to the service station to get the oil changed when you could do it yourself?

Why do you go to a car wash when you have a hose and a bucket at home?

Why do you hire the neighbor kid to mow your lawn when you have a perfectly good mower?

Why do you use computer software or an accountant to do your taxes when the instructions are right on the back of the form?

The answer to all these questions is service. Sure, you can do all of these things yourself – including planning and booking a vacation – but why bother when there are professionals who can do it in a fraction of the time and more thoroughly?

With most of the examples above, you pay to have someone provide each service. But not when you plan a Disney vacation with an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner (a.k.a. travel agency specializing in Disney destinations) like Mouse Unlimited. Not only do we provide excellent support, expert Disney advice, and complete travel planning services – but we do it all for FREE!

Mouse Unlimited’s agents offer a “personal touch” to your travel planning experience, offering help and advice that a website cannot provide. We handle every aspect of your trip from airline tickets to lodging, ground transportation, activities, tours and more. If you should have a problem during your trip, we can act on your behalf to see that proper restitutions are made.

Think of your travel agent as your personal concierge. Avoid the headaches and let the agents call around and do all the time consuming work of planning a complex itinerary. Planning a trip can be stressful – especially a Disney vacation. There are so many options and details to worry about. Mouse Unlimited’s agents do the work, resulting in less stress for you.

Disney fans knows how valuable every dollar spent on a Disney vacation is, so let’s talk about why using a travel agency like Mouse Unlimited is win-win.  Not only will you save hours of your valuable personal time, but you’ll be guaranteed the most recent discount offers available, making your Disney vacation more economical than if you booked it on your own.

Only the most basic, non-discounted Disney vacations can be booked through Disney’s websites. Thus, you will likely spend a significant amount of time on the phone with a Disney reservationist in order to book your trip, apply payments, apply a new discount (since Disney won’t do it automatically), make dining reservations, and to give them your flight numbers for Disney’s Magical Express.  That’s a lot of calling, and a lot of your precious time spent on hold. Besides, Disney’s staff is trained to up-sell and to only offer up discounts if specifically asked about them.

When you use a travel agency that’s been EarMarked by Disney as an “Authorized Disney Vacation Planner” you’re working with someone who has gone through extensive training on all of the Disney Destinations and who has proven to be worthy of Disney’s vote of confidence.  Mouse Unlimited is such an agency.

When you use a Disney travel agency like Mouse Unlimited, you can book and plan an entire trip via e-mail – but you can also talk to them on the phone if you prefer a little verbal communication.  Once you’ve told them what you want, they’ll take care of the rest, including booking, applying payments, making dining reservations, and planning your daily itineraries.

If you’re someone who likes to retain control of everything, pay close attention.  Many agencies will “hoard” your actual reservation number and mask it with their own in-house identifier.

Mouse Unlimited doesn’t do that. Once you book, you’ll have a confirmation letter with YOUR Disney Reservation Number on it, and a detailed listing of everything included in YOUR reservation.  You are free to make dining reservations on your own, without being restricted by your agency.  So, you reap all of the benefits of having a travel agent – including the cost savings and customer service – and can still plan your own vacation as much as you like.

What happens if you book with a travel agent and then a new discount comes out, or you get one of those elusive PIN codes from Disney?  No problem with Mouse Unlimited!  If Disney publishes a new discount, and it applies to your vacation, Mouse Unlimited will apply it without even being asked to!  If you receive a personal PIN code, just forward it to your agent and they’ll take care of it from there.

When it comes down to it, every Disney travel agency is treated the same by Disney. They all receive the same commission from Disney.  So, your goal is to find the agency that won’t constantly try to up-sell you with add-ons and more expensive options, and who will provide the best customer service throughout your experience.  Expert knowledge of Disney’s vacation products is always a plus too!

If you’re considering a Disney vacation, be sure to contact Mouse Unlimited, and you’ll be guaranteed unparalleled service, expert support, and an economical and magical vacation.

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