Mickey and Minnie Have Moved!

Mickey and Minnie Have Moved!

Since the closing of Mickey’s Toontown Fair on February 11, Mickey and Minnie have been relocated!

Guests can now meet Mickey in Tomorrowland, Liberty Square and Frontierland (not at the same time, of course. Mickey can’t be everywhere at once).

The Tomorrowland location is next to Space Mountain, just left of the restrooms in the Tomorrowland Patio, and features both Mickey and Minnie. The Liberty Square Mickey meet and greet location is inside the Hall of Presidents. Finally, the Frontierland location, with both Mickey and Minnie, is near to the restrooms at Splash Mountain.

With three locations, guests now have the chance to meet Mickey and Minnie in three different costumes.

The Tomorrowland Patio location is the only one currently appearing on the Times Guide, and is typically open from park opening to around 30 minutes prior to park closing. The other locations do not have published times, but expect Mickey to be available during the day.

These locations are temporary until Mickey and Minnie’s new location is ready in the Town Square Exposition Hall this spring.

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