“What’s Your Problem” at Innoventions Closed

“What’s Your Problem” at Innoventions Closed

“What’s Your Problem?”, the Velcro exhibit at Innoventions, permanently closed yesterday.

If you are not familiar with the attraction, here is a quick reminder.

“Slapstick Studios” is designed to showcase the many uses of Velcro branded products through an entertaining look at the company and product history, a comedy game show entitled “What’s Your Problem?” and creative solutions gallery. “What’s Your Problem”, a high paced, interactive game show, invites guests from the audience to take part in finding creative solutions to many common fastening dilemmas. Guests are asked to spin whe “Wheel of Seemingly Insurmountable Problems” and they have 60 seconds to solve the problem using props made with Velcro brand products. After the game show, guests visit the gallery and can experience seldom seen uses of hook and loop fasteners – such as automotive applications, space program applications, medical devices, recreational equipment and defense and safety devices. In addition, the artist in you can created your own “Velcro Masterpiece” to take home.

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