Adventureland Bridge – Out of Service

Adventureland Bridge – Out of Service

Just a quick heads up to anyone visiting the Magic Kingdom in the coming months…you will need to take a slightly alternate route to get to Adventureland from Main Street.

They’re completely replacing the current bridge, which has been there since 1971 (we think).  There is a temporary bridge beside it, which is very narrow and comes out near The Oasis. It can get a little cramped, but it’s better than going all the way through Liberty Square.

Based on the plans we’ve seen, it appears as if they’re replacing the bridge with one that’s more wheelchair friendly.  The current bridge is a giant arch, and has a slope that’s greater than what’s allowed by the American’s with Disabilities Act.  The new bridge will be essentially flat, with only a ramp at the two ends climbing a mere 6″ over several feet.

They’ve just started the work, and it will probably be going on until summer, we estimate.

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