Day 3: Studios & Epcot

Day 3: Studios & Epcot

What a beautiful day at Walt Disney World. We’re SO glad we’re not back home in Indiana, where they’re getting inches of ice.

It was off to Disney’s Hollywood Studios first thing. Again, we got a late start, so we were behind on our touring plan right off the bat. We noticed the difference, even with the almost-empty park.

As always, we hit Toy Story Mania first. We grabbed a Fast Pass on the way in so that we could ride again later.  After we shot up some toys, we headed to the Hollywood Tower Hotel to see how their elevators were working.  They’re actually giving the tower a much-needed facelift right now, so the entire thing is covered in scaffolding. It didn’t affect the ride any, which was as terrifying as expected.

Next, off to the Great Movie Ride. We stood in line for 20-minutes.  It sounds like I’m complaining, but we should have been in a 5-minute line had we not gotten off to a late start. Sleeping is just so nice though!

Our Toy Story Fastpasses had come due, so we bypassed the 50-minute Standby queue and hopped right on for another round.  Then it was off to my favorite Quick Service location at the Studios – The Backlot Express.  I was disappointed though, as they’d replaced my usual Bacon Double Cheeseburger with some artsy-fartsy burger. I opted for the Chicken Tenders and fries instead. Still yummy, but I want my dang heart-stopping burger! I’m on vacation, to hell with “healthy options”!

After lunch, a nice relaxing Animation Tour sounded nice.  We were 4 of about 10 people in the little theater, and that’s a show that’s just slowing dying on the vine. They haven’t animated in Florida for YEARS, and the tour consists of a lady talking to a video starring a character from a 10-year-old movie. Time for the axe.

We DID get to meet Lotso, the evil bear from Toy Story 3. He smelled good.

We found out at lunch that there were literally only 6,000 people in the park by 11:30am. The restaurants need to prepare food in anticipation for crowds, so they’re given a heads up on park attendance by lunch time. Our cashier shocked us with that news, but we believed it when we were sitting on the floor of the Little Mermaid show lobby…alone.  A few more showed up, but we were able to choose our own seats freely.

After that, we took the Backlot Tour (another attraction that is essentially “for show” since they don’t produce any television or movies in Florida any longer) and then saw Muppet Vision 3D, in its enhanced Disney Digital 3D format. Very nice. It actually appeared 3D to me for once!

Show times for Indy Jones and Lights, Motors, Action didn’t align with our plans, so my brother and sis-in-law headed back to the room for a nap (they aren’t used to our Disney vacationing style). Kayla and I, on the other hand, rode Tower of Terror 4 times in a row, with no wait! We got a different drop sequence every time.  We also got to see TJ – the famous bellhop from their ads and shows on Travel Channel.

Kayla and I then took the boat from the Studios to the Beach Club Resort stop to take some photos, and then a nice leisurely stroll to the International Gateway at Epcot. We were early for our dinner reservation, so we toured Canada, the UK and France.  Then it was time for Les Chefs de France. Mmmm. We all loved our dinners and were stuffed to the gills.

After dinner, it was time to find a spot to view Illuminations. We headed to the front of World Showcase, and stood next to a railing near between the large gift shop and Mexico. After the awe-inspiring show, we booked it to the bus stop and caught the next bus back to the Resort.  Again, we were all pooped, so it was time for showers and bed.

Stay tuned for Wednesday’s trip report, starring the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom.

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