WDW Parking Lot Tram Modifications

WDW Parking Lot Tram Modifications

In their continuous effort to create a safer experience for the guests, Disney is making some drastic modifications to their parking lot trams.

Beginning with the trams in Animal Kingdom’s parking lot – as a trial – they are adding doors to each row on the trams. As you can see in the photo below, they’re kind of clunky and not extremely attractive, but they should make for a safer ride and allow children to ride on the outside of the row. Until now, children had to be placed on the inside, thus slowing down the loading procedure a bit.

The doors are spring loaded and will slowly close on their own, but not with such a force that they hurt anyone.  They will latch so that they don’t swing open when you fall asleep and lean on the door as you head to your car after a long day at the park.

The door handles seem a bit complicated to operate, with the inside handle rotating upward, but again, this is for your safety. You won’t be able to accidentally open the door from the inside if you lean on the handle, or if your child pulls down on it.

While they never make the news, there are still a number of tram-related accidents and injuries each year. This is obviously Disney’s response. It’s not the prettiest fix, but it’s for the better.

Tram Door Addition

Doors added to WDW Parking Lot Trams.


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