Restaurantosaurus Gets a New Menu

Restaurantosaurus Gets a New Menu

The quick service restaurant in Animal Kingdom’s Dinoland USA, which is aptly and annoyingly named Restaurantosaurus, added a few menu items this week.

If you’ve ever eaten there, you might know that they serve  burgers and chicken nuggets that taste and look suspiciously like McDonald’s versions. That’s because they are McDonald’s food. They also serve hot dogs and small cheeseburgers for the kids.

However, they have enhanced their menu recently with things like a 1/3-pound Angus Bacon Cheeseburger, a Shrimp Po’ Boy and a Veggie Sub.

We’re told that you can also get sweet potato fries as your side item instead of regular fries or apple slices. These menu items should prove to be a very welcome addition, and probably a substitute for greasy fast food.

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