Is Imagination Losing a Sponsor?

Is Imagination Losing a Sponsor?

As you exit the ride Journey Into Your Imagination at the Imagination pavilion in Epcot, you’ll notice a few new additions to the Image Works gallery.

The new additions are construction walls. Most of the exhibits, which until now have been sponsored by Kodak, in the post-show area of the attraction are now walled off.

There have been rumors that Kodak will be pulling its sponsorship of the pavilion, and it appears that those rumors are coming true. Whether its because of contractual issues, the lull in the economy, or because Kodak hates the Captain EO show, it’s certain that their sponsorship text has been removed from the park maps.

However, the back of the park maps are still plastered with the Kodak logo, so we have reason to believe they’re just calling it quits on the Imagination pavilion. We honestly can’t blame them. Since the two unpopular re-makes of the classic ride, and the recent replacement of the popular Honey I Shrunk the Audience 3-D show with its ancient predecessor Captain EO (which was hastily brought back supposedly in response to guest feedback after Michael Jackson’s death), the pavilion has seen a gradual decline in attendance and a large increase in controversy.

Perhaps this loss of a sponsor will give Disney a little kick in the pants and encourage them to do something positive with the pavilion. Otherwise it may go the way of other abandoned pavilions like Wonders of Life.

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