George Lucas Visits the Studios

George Lucas Visits the Studios

Star Wars creator George Lucas visited Disney’s Hollywood Studios on Saturday as part of the ‘Last Tour to Endor’ event, celebrating the final running of the Star Tours attraction (in its current version).

Lucas was also in town for the official Lucasfilm fan event, Star Wars Celebration V, held at the Orange County Convention Center.

George Lucas with Disney Friends

A SHOW OF 'FORCE': Taking on the determined look of a Jedi Knight, "Star Wars" creator George Lucas poses Aug. 14, 2010 with Jedi Mickey Mouse, Princess Leia Minnie, Darth Goofy -- and the loveable Disney droid, R2-MK -- at Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park. The legendary filmmaker attended "The Last Tour to Endor," a special event at the theme park in honor of the "Star Wars"-themed thrill attraction, Star Tours.


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