Disney Magic Rescues 18 People at Sea

Disney Magic Rescues 18 People at Sea

It was first reported on the internet by people aboard the ship, and then confirmed by Disney spokespeople – Disney Cruise Line has yet again saved lives.

On Friday afternoon, the Captain made an announcement over the PA system that the ship – the Disney Magic – had received an SOS distress call overnight and successfully located 18 Algerians who had been lost at sea for several days.

Disney released the following statement:

“While sailing from Gibraltar to Barcelona, the Disney magic rescued 18 people who were aboard a small boat that had lost power. The boat was located by the Disney magic crew members around 3:45am, and the people were brought aboard the ship and provided with food and staterooms. We are proud of the Disney Magic crew members, who skillfully demonstrated their training and commitment to maritime protocols around saving lives at sea. We have notified authorities in Barcelona of this rescue, and they are coordinating the debarkation of the group.”

Kudos to the crew of the Disney Magic!

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