Waiting Anxiously for 2011 Prices

Waiting Anxiously for 2011 Prices

Since 2006, the next year’s room, ticket and package pricing has become available on the first Sunday in August – thus allowing guests to begin booking 2011 Disney vacations.

Well, the first Sunday in August 2010 was yesterday, and we’ve heard nothing.  We’ve been telling our clients to expect the 2011 pricing to arrive the first week of August, especially since we have a giant backlog of quotes to send out once we have correct information. We hope for our hypothesis to hold true.

There are a few rumors circulating among the travel agent networks, including:

  1. Someone has reported that Disneyland tickets are set to increase on Thursday, August 5. Ticket prices need to be set before package prices can be set, but this doesn’t help explain the delay at WDW.
  2. Perhaps they’re waiting until the second Sunday in August, since the first Sunday was also the first day this year.
  3. Perhaps they’re waiting until August 15 since most of the current offers like Free Dining and Room-Only Discount expire that day. The logic would be that they want people to go ahead and book travel for this year (to help make the 4th quarter look better) before they show them next year’s options.
  4. Or, maybe there won’t be any price increases this year (LOL). Whew….ok, we’re trying to compose ourselves after that good chuckle.

If you’re waiting on a 2011 Vacation Quote, we promise to get yours out within 48 hours of the new pricing information being published.  If you’d like to request a 2011 Vacation Quote, just visit our website and submit a request.

If you’re debating whether you want to buy your Magic Your Way theme park tickets now, here are some things to consider:

  1. Walt Disney World Magic Your Way tickets don’t expire until 14 days after you first use them. This means you can buy them now and not use them for years. The longer you wait to use them, the more money you save in the long run. They’ll never be cheaper than they are today.
  2. Disneyland tickets sold now are valid for first use by January 3, 2011. So, if you plan to visit Disneyland before January 3, buy them now. Otherwise, wait until the new ticket prices are released.
  3. Walt Disney World and Disneyland Annual Passes typically increase when the rest of the tickets increase. So, again, if you’re considering an Annual Pass, we suggest you buy your voucher now.
  4. Or, you can use the “secret method” and buy Magic Your Way tickets now and hold onto them until you’re ready to go to WDW and buy an Annual Pass. Once you get there, go through a turnstile once with your MYW tickets, then head directly to a ticket window and upgrade the tickets to an Annual Pass. By going through the turnstile, you’ve “locked in” the cost of your tickets to that moment in time, and as such, you’ll get credit toward your Annual Pass based on the current price of those tickets, and not for the lower price you actually paid. Using this lesser known trick, you can save a few dollars.  If you need help doing the math, just e-mail us.

Lastly, we anticipate some changes to the Disney Dining Plans for 2011. Rumors started a few months ago when Travel Agents in the U.K. received their Disney marketing information (which they often get months before the information is released in the U.S.).  While the details are sketchy, at best, it seems as though they’ll be taking away desserts at some meals, and replacing them with more snacks. However, because of the undulating exchange rate, nobody has been able to determine if there will actually be a price change or not.

Continue to check our blog, as we’ll be posting the new prices and package details as soon as they become available.

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