Changes Coming to 2011 Dining Plans?

Changes Coming to 2011 Dining Plans?

Mouse Unlimited is hearing grumblings about a possible drastic change to the 2011 Disney Dining Plans.

Disney always releases the next year’s plans and rates to UK guests and travel agents well before guests and agents in the US.  Some UK Travel Agencies have already posted information about the 2011 Dining Plan. Details are vague, but insiders have leaked some interesting information.

The rumor is that they’re deleting desserts from the plans, and perhaps even the refillable mugs.  Again, specifics regarding this deletion are vague, but one clue that makes it seem valid is that the Basic Dining Plan now includes 2 snacks instead of 1.  Perhaps they’re deleting desserts, keeping the prices the same, and adding an extra snack to some plans.

We here in the good ‘ol US of A will have to wait until August to find out for sure, but Mouse Unlimited will continue to sniff out any other information that may emerge.

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