New Queue Being Tested at MK’s Haunted Mansion Today

New Queue Being Tested at MK’s Haunted Mansion Today

In preparation for the “NextGen” queue system that will be implemented throughout the new Fantasyland, Walt Disney Imagineering tested it at the Haunted Mansion today.

This version involved a game, which required guests to interact with a display (shown in the photo below), listening to instructions whispered by one of the Ghosts pictured, and following the instructions.

Guests must place their ear close to the pictures, and use clues to figure out where the family fortune is hidden.  ***SPOILER ALERT: It’s in an urn on the front lawn***

This new queue system is part of an ongoing attempt by WDI to help entertain guests while they wait in line, thus making the wait a bit more bearable.

While the plans don’t call for this to be a permanent establishment at the mansion, it’ll definitely be neat while it lasts. Expect to see other variations pop up around the parks in the coming months.

Haunted Mansion NextGen Queue

Interactive Queue being tested at the Haunted Mansion

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