Electrical Parade is Headed East

Electrical Parade is Headed East

Disney’s Electrical Parade has made its final run at Disneyland Park in California and is literally in boxes headed toward Florida on semi trailers.

Eyewitnesses have seen the floats being boxed up at Disneyland, and followed a few of the semis as they navigated out of town.  Cast Members at Walt Disney World saw signs at an empty lot north of the Magic Kingdom, near the Holiday Services warehouse, that said “Electrical Parade Float Trailer Parking”.

The parade, which was formerly known as the Main Street Electrical Parade, is being promoted by Disney as part of the Summer Nightastic event taking place at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando this summer.  However, there is serious speculation that the parade will be hanging around Walt Disney World for a couple of years.

The floats are set to arrive over the next few weeks while the performers rehearse in the Parade Rehearsal Facility during the day, and on Main Street during the wee hours of the night/morning.  They’re supposed to start rehearsing with the floats the week of May 20 – so if you’re staying at Bay Lake Tower, and you are able to stay up REALLY late, you may catch glimpses of the parade running down Main Street…or at least hear the music.

The official opening date of the Electrical Parade is June 12.

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