Luxo is No More

Luxo is No More

Unless you’ve visited the Walt Disney World Resort since July 2009, you probably haven’t seen the Luxo animatronic at Disney’s Hollywood Studios – and now you probably never will.

Luxo is an audio-animatronic “lamp” from the Pixar movie shorts and intros.  He performed 2-3 minute sets every 15 minutes in Pixar Place at the Studios.  It was quite entertaining, and definitely adorable.

Unfortunately, Luxo is no more.  As of today, he has been taken out of service and there are no current plans to bring him back.  This is quite a shock, as he was not intended to be a temporary fixture (based on the extensive construction required to facilitate his show).

Perhaps he’ll find a new home somewhere inside Toy Story Midway Mania during its 20-day refurb in August/September.  I guess we’ll find out!

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