Summer Nightastic Fireworks Show

Summer Nightastic Fireworks Show

As previously reported, the Magic Kingdom will be hosting a summer-long party called Summer Nightastic.  It will be a 70-night celebration, from June 6 to August 14.

One of the major features of Summer Nightastic will be the fireworks show that is scheduled to replace Wishes (temporarily).  Until now, it’s just been referred to as “the old Music, Magic and Mayhem fireworks show”.  But now it has a name: Summer Nightastic Fireworks Spectacular.  Very original.

This version will be identical to the MMM show that ran during the Pirate and Princess Party last year, including the fireworks that launch from 8 locations around the perimeter of the park – from Splash Mountain around to Space Mountain.

Aside from the very boring name, it should be a crowd pleaser.


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