Monorail Teal to Debut in 2009

Monorail Teal to Debut in 2009

On July 5, Monorails Pink and Purple collided in a tragic accident, which killed one of the drivers.  Those two trains have been out of service since then, which has put a significant strain on the WDW Monorail System.

It was reported today, however, that parts of both trains will be repaired and joined together to create one new train.  There are only two good cabs between the trains, so they’ll be used to bookend Monorail Teal, which should hit the rails in late 2009.

Train #12 is still a ways off though. Disney plans on returning a twelfth train to the system, but it will have to work with the manufacturer to re-create cabs that work with and fit the existing infrastructure.


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