Fantasyland Project Details

Fantasyland Project Details

Many people are wondering about the details of the big Fantasyland Project. Well, we’ve collected some information from a variety of sources and have compiled it into one simple blog entry. We may come back and update this occasionally, so you might want to bookmark this entry.

Construction Timeline

The new Fantasyland will be constructed and opened in phases, with most of the new land opening in 2012. Pixie Hollow will be last, opening in 2013.

Construction on Phase 1 is supposed to start in early 2010.  WDI will set up a construction office behind the current Toontown, and they’ll fence off the areas behind Pooh’s Playful Spot and Toontown to start work on the Beast’s Castle area first.

Where is this Happening?

Most of the expansion area will take the place of the current Mickey’s Toontown Fair.  The rest will take the old 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea area (primarily for Ariel’s Adventure), the old Ariel’s Grotto, and Pooh’s Playful Spot playground.

How Will Guests be Affected?

The only current attraction that will be affected by this construction is Dumbo, since it will be moved to its new location at some point.  Other than that, Guests will mainly see construction walls that move often.  We’re told that all other attractions will remain open throughout the project.

Toontown, however, will see its demise in early 2010. The only part expected to remain is Goofy’s Barnstormer, which will be re-themed to match the Circus Theme of that area.

Major Components of New Fantasyland

  • Ariel’s Adventure: This will be a massive new E-Ticket ride based on The Little Mermaid. Guests will ride in an omni-mover ride system (similar to Haunted Mansion) through scenes from the animated classic.  It is supposed to be an immersive (no pun intended) experience with orchestrated music, special effects and elaborate sets.  Look for the first version to open at Disney’s California Adventure.
  • Themed Areas: Belle, Aurora, Cinderella, Pooh and Tinkerbell will have new well-themed areas.
  • Restaurants: There are 2 new restaurants currently slated for the expansion, both in the Beauty and the Beast area.  One will be a Quick-Service location called Gaston’s Tavern.  The other will be a 3-room, 552-seat hybrid restaurant called Be Our Guest.  It will serve as a Quick-Service location by day, and a Table-Service by night.
  • Meet-N-Greets: Disney has announced new “next generation interactive” meet-n-greets with the Disney Princesses.
  • New Dumbo: The current Dumbo spinner will be moved and replicated at its new home north of the Tomorrowland Speedway.  Guests will enter a 3-Ring Circus Tent and experience the new “queueless” waiting area with games and playgrounds to keep the little ones occupied, and seating for parents.
  • Pixie Hollow: The last phase of the project will be the new Pixie Hollow area, a large mini-land devoted to the Pixies, with a play area and meet-n-greets.
  • Castle Wall: A new castle wall will be built to separate the existing Fantasyland from the new area.  It will cut across the park from the Snow White/Pooh area, back to Pinnochio’s Village Haus.
  • Train Station: The existing Toontown Train Station will probably stay where it is, but be completely re-themed for the new Circus theme of that area.
  • Miscellaneous: Gift shops, restrooms and snack stands will fill in the voids, of course.


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