Facilities for Mommies

Facilities for Mommies

You’re in the middle of the Magic Kingdom and your baby is screaming its little head off. It’s hungry! You’re not real comfortable nursing your baby in the middle of a crowded theme park, and bathrooms are nasty. What do you do?

Head to the Baby Care Center!

Located in all four theme parks, these centers are for parents with young children. Note that they are NOT day cares – all children must be accompanied by a parent.

Each Baby Care Center offers rooms with rocking chairs and couches for nursing mothers, and Disney movies are playing for young children to watch while waiting for mommy to finish.

Additionally, there are facilities for changing infants, preparing formula, warming bottles and washing bottles.  If you’re in need of supplies, they sell diapers, bottles, formula, pacifiers and baby food.

The Baby Care Centers are shown on the Theme Park Maps.  And if you just need to do a quick diaper change, there are Changing Stations in most restrooms.


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