In-Room Child Care

In-Room Child Care

While Disney is often mis-labeled as a “kiddie park,” there are plenty of ways for adults to have fun on their own – even if you don’t like the theme park atmosphere that much.

After a long day in the parks, maybe mom and dad want to go to dinner alone at one of Disney’s full-service restaurants, or go shopping and catch Cirque du Soleil’s La Neuba at Downtown Disney.  But what about the kids?

No worries!  You can call for In-Room Child Care at all Disney resort hotels.  The service is available 24/7, but note that it is NOT operated by Disney.

There are a few very reputable companies that offer this service. One in particular will even tour the parks with you and watch young kids while parents enjoy some thrill rides with the older kids, or by themselves.  (This, of course, will cost you a fortune, as you must purchase park admission for the babysitter too!).

When you book with Mouse Unlimited, ask us about these services and we’ll provide you with contact information and even help you set up the services you need.


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